Improved security and more customer advantages

Improved security

DONAU is offering advanced security systems with their rapid radial drilling machines by following the latest CE machine directives and security norms.

Especially with their Rapid Radial Drilling Machines DONAUMERIC 440 and DONAUPORT 540, DONAU is now offering 3 alternative security systems:

  1. A cost-reduced budget solution with a protection fence around the complete machine with electrically secured entry ports.
  2. A Combination of separating and non-separating protections that consist of fences and laser curtains. Any specific combinations are to be based on customers’ specific working conditions.
  3. A barrier-free, non-separating version with 3 laser scanners, controlling any access to the working range of the machine’s radial arm in a dynamical way.

In case customers need to retrofit either version on existing machines, the DONAU service department will be glad to offer such a system.


Customer Advantages

DONAU is motivated to deliver intelligent solutions to customers.

In the DONAUMERIC 440 and DONAUPORT 540 range, the following developments took place:

  • synchronized rigid tapping was made available
  • introduction of a highly precise angular and radial positioning of the main spindle, being a condition for ATC (automatic tool change) and special tools that need a spindle orientation
  • a wireless electronic handwheel device for having the machine operated from outside the protection range in the automatic mode was introduced. (option, only with version 3)



By modifying its Gear Construction Module and Drive Elements, DONAU generates an improved lifetime and increased availability of the machine now.

By optimizing their software, DONAU is able to operate the reverse mechanism for threading and tapping (Left / Right) more sensitively, leading to less tool wear and therefore longer tool lifetimes.