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DONAUFLEX are the proven series of rapid radial drilling machines for manual operation with multiple options up to digital position readouts in X, Y and Z-axis.

Efficiency is not a matter of a sole machining solution, but the result of many intelligent solutions.

The DONAUFLEX range is responding to the demand for modern ergonomics and a non-fatigue machine operation.

Advantages and customer value:

  • Up to 3 fixed working stations are delivering a maximum of flexibility for machining of large and small workpieces as well as very long workpieces.
  • Swivel tables are useful for drilling and tapping workpieces at angular positions.
  • Long travels and workpiece heights up to 1500mm are guaranteed.
  • Easy-sliding simultaneous movement in 3 axes, straight to the drilling or tapping position.
  • The self-centering drill head is positioning itself exactly into the center holes.
  • Concentric facing is made possible with a self-centering taper into the drill hole.
  • The self-centering position accuracy is allowing core hole drilling, facing and tapping in series work and is therefore avoiding frequent tool changes.
  • The DONAUFLEX-Range is designed to modern ergonomics for a non-fatigue machine operation.
  • The working table height of 905 mm and the always optimal position to the spindle head, make it easy for the operator to stand upright and to have a best possible view on the machining process.
  • Low Axis friction force of approx. 35 N are easing substantially the sliding movements in radial and angular directions, in order to move the tool fast and precise in any working position.

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