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DONAU Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Since 1955 DONAU is manufacturing Rapid Radial drilling machines. Thousandfold proven machines from DONAU are presenting a fine quality and innovative solutions from the market leader in this sector.

Machine tools from DONAU are offering a maximum of innovation. More than 14.000 Rapid Radial drilling machines are serving daily in many different branches of industry around the world.

DONAU is developing and producing innovative CNC-controlled and manually operated Rapid Radial drilling machines. Since September 2008, Engineering and Development, Production and Assembly, as well as Marketing, Sales and Service are originating from the ALZMETALL Factories based in Altenmarkt/Alz.

With more than 300 Employees, ALZMETALL is manufacturing since 1945, in their Altenmarkt premises table/bench-, column- and box column drilling machines as well as high-performance machining centers with state-of-the-art and advanced simultaneous 3-axes, 4-axes and 5-axes machine tool technologies. ALZMETALL machining centers are combining and incorporating vertical drilling and milling as well as vertical turning technics. An important part of the business activities are special machines and transfer machines (rotary and linear) with possibilities for multi-spindle drilling and for horizontal and vertical drilling and milling. Rotary and linear transfer machines are guaranteeing shortest part cycle times in large series machining.

Since 1945, ALZMETALL operates successfully an in-house foundry, supplying to worldwide customers high-quality grey-cast iron and spheroidal castings (GG20 to GGG70).